Membership Benefits

  • Access to approximately 23.7 miles of trail
  • Events and ride calendar
  • Downloadable GPS trailhead location and downloadable trail map
  • Club decal for your machine
  • Participate in fundraisers to grow the club and maintain the trail.
  • A website with a merchandise store
  • Monthly newsletter emailed to you.

Memberships are $40 that include 1 club sticker for your machine.

Extra/replacement stickers can be purchased for $5 each.

If purchased on or after October 1, terms are the remainder of the year and the full next year (new members only)

Returning members’ terms are January 1 to December 31

All memberships include the family of 1 adult, spouse or significant other, and any children under the age of 18.

To become a member, please download and complete the application and mail it with payment, to Piney Rail Riders, PO Box 265, Strattanville, PA 16258. We also have a digital option.

Membership Application Online

(Step 1)

Fill out the Membership Application.

Piney Rail Membership Application
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Rules of the trail

If You Pack It In, Pack It Out

Whatever you choose to bring with you on the trail, remember to take it out with you as well. Please don’t leave trash.

Obey Laws

Please obey all Federal, State, and Local Laws, including traffic signals and permission or permit needs for our neighboring areas.

Respect Land Owners

Respect all landowners, stay on marked trails, obey no trespassing signs, limit excessive engine noise and loud radios around homes and camps.

Ride Safely

While helmets are not required, we highly recommend following all safety rules pertinent to your machine and capabilities.

Have Your Pass Available

Have your day pass confirmation available for verification if a club officer or landowner asks to see it.

Have a Great Time!

Enjoy your time with us and consider an annual membership with us! If you join us within 30 days of purchasing your day pass, your $10 fee will be applied towards the annual membership.

Membership Application to Mail

Do you want to join Piney Rail Riders by mail?
Download our PDF file, fill out the form, and mail it back to us.

Please allow 2 weeks, from date we receive your application, to receive your membership packet.

Send completed form and payment to:

Piney Rail Riders
PO Box 265
Strattanville, PA 16258

Download PDF