DCNR Announces ATV Regional Trail Connector In Northcentral Pennsylvania Through 2025

​Harrisburg, PA — The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) announced today it will operate an ATV Regional Trail Connector through the 2025 riding season, following the conclusion of the ATV Regional Trail Connector in 2023.

DCNR published an ATV Regional Pilot Report (PDF), which shares findings regarding the pilot on the department’s website.

The Fiscal Code in the 2023-24 state budget instructed DCNR to continue operating the regional system for 2024 and 2025, as the agency’s authority for the pilot program has ended.

This is an interim administrative measure prior to the establishment of a multi-jurisdictional authority.

The ATV Regional Trail Connector pilot was created in response to growing ATV purchases, registrations, and public demand for increased riding opportunities.

Through collaborations with public and private partners, the pilot offered long-distance riding opportunities and contribute to local economies, while maintaining the many uses and values of the state forest system.

DCNR’s Bureau of Forestry implemented a comprehensive monitoring program to evaluate the pilots social, environmental, and economic impact.

Detailed information regarding monitoring can be found in the legislative report (PDF), including the key finding that a multi-jurisdictional authority is necessary to operate a trail connector program moving forward to ensure proper staffing, budget, and expertise to address the needs of the trail system.

Other highlights include:


  • Short-term impacts of the pilot placed minimal impacts on state forest resources
  • Riders were generally satisfied with the pilot
  • 71 percent of non-motorized recreationists shared dissatisfaction with the pilot
  • Citing dust, noise, and the availability of law enforcement resources, 46 percent of residents expressed dissatisfaction with the pilot
  • DCNR issued 10,779 passes cumulatively during the three seasons of the ATV pilot, with riders from Pennsylvania and 19 other states purchasing passes for the trail system
  • Economic monitoring estimated a total economic impact of $8.2 million in 2022 and $11.7 million in 2023 for Potter and Tioga counties


Routes used for the pilot were made possible through engaged involvement and cooperation of local townships to open their roads to ATV use.

The 2023 pilot route included 374 miles total comprised of township roads, state forest roads and trails, and PennDOT-administered roads.

The 2024 route will remain the same and information on the routes, passes, and maps will be shared in early spring 2024.

Visit DCNR’s website for more information about ATV riding opportunities in state forests, and check out DCNR’s Calendar of Events for events on public lands.

MEDIA CONTACT: Wesley Robinson, 717-877-6315